Charlie K

Charlie is a traveling model based in Oklahoma. She worked with some great photographers and her portfolio is full of amazing photographs. So when Charlie visited NJ I jumped on a chance to work with her. It was an interesting experience because she is not only model but a photographer as well. She made some suggestions that made sense. We talked in the beginning about what I want to shoot and she posed precisely the way I described. This saved a lot of time and we moved quickly from pose to pose.

I have mixed feelings about this session though. On one hand I got images that are exactly what I wanted. On the other hand I feel like something is missing. I need to shoot more and try to do it differently to get it just right.

Early Figure Study

One of my friends was kind enough to lend her beautiful space with pool and no neighbors. I invited a well established fine art nude model Kara from NYC for a session. It was fun. We spend half day working different scenarios around property. I was playing with composites at the time and one of the images is an example.

Workshop with Rolando Gomez

Workshop with Rolando Gomez. Models were super nice and I even managed to make a couple images that are very different from what everybody else was shooting. In general I do not think workshops like this are worth their money. I learn more working with models one to one.

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