Me vs Ernst Haas

I get a lot of books based on recomendations and "Color Correction" by Ernst Haas was not exception. I did not understand what is so important about Haas's work when I got this book. I like to look at and read about things that I do not understand. I had a chance to look at the pictures in the book a couple more times and I started to see some familiar notes. I actually said more than once - "Hmm, this looks just like a picture I took then and there". But "soapy window" takes the cake!

I have no idea why I made my picture. Sometimes I see things and they just feel right yet there is no any advanced thought or idea behind the image. Strangely these photographs are getting stuck in my mind, I remember them and I print them, and some of them end up on a wall. 

Oleg Shpak: Opaque window
Ernst Haas: Soapy window
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