Spring in Chelsea

After a long day I was walking down West 20th street to grab a cup of coffee at cafe Grumpy. I just spent a day photographing people and city. I was tired and was ready to take camera into the bag and call it a day. I crossed 8th avenue and walked right into this great scene. I saw a nice composition and great light. Brightly lit building in the foreground made possible to expose sky just right to make it dark blue. Sun was setting down. I quickly made several frames right before shadow from the other building consumed the scene. I discovered a bonus when I came home - somebody decided to look out of the window right when I started taking pictures.

PhaseOne Conference NYC 2012

I went to PhaseOne Conference in NYC recently. There were presentations of IQ technology and plenty of hands-on time with cameras. I rarely photograph in studio settings so I asked models to pose mainly outside of studio's shooting space under available light only. It was a tight space because of all the people around and tons of equipment but still results are great. I also had my Panasonic gh2 with me so I made some images to compare to.

Model Lena Vesel Panasonic GH2 iso320 1/100 f/2.8

PhaseOne IQ180 iso400 1/30 f/4.0 I got this one all wrong. I moved a dial by accident and got 1/30 instead of 1/160. It came out somewhat blurry but because of huge 80mp file it looks fine when reduced to web resolution. When I opened this file in Camera Raw, I was about to throw it out because skin was completely blown out. But then I decided to see what I can recover and magic happened. About two stops of overexposure recovered without any problems at all and image looks just great! PhaseOne created some amazing technology for their digital backs. I wish I can justify $50k+ camera... :)

PhaseOne IQ180 iso400 1/30 f/4.0
PhaseOne IQ180 iso200 1/160 f/5.6
Model Linnea Wannemacher. Panasonic GH2 iso800 1/400 f/2.0
PhaseOne IQ140 iso800 Sensor+ 1/250 f/4.0

Disclosure: all images are slightly retouched.

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