Art and Decor

Dark Nights

Hurricane Sandy and following almost two weeks without electricity gave me an unique opportunity to photograph night sky right from the deck of the house. No light spills! This was shot on a cold night with very a bright moon. What surprised me most is the difference between moon light and shadow. It seems to be very bright but it is actually only about twice more light than darkness of shadows or one stop difference in photographic terms. I also could not see moon light at all through 16-35mm f/2.8 lens; I saw only pitch black darkness in viewfinder. 35mm f/1.4 was the savior of the day.

Picnic's Art

Spring in Chelsea

After a long day I was walking down West 20th street to grab a cup of coffee at cafe Grumpy. I just spent a day photographing people and city. I was tired and was ready to take camera into the bag and call it a day. I crossed 8th avenue and walked right into this great scene. I saw a nice composition and great light. Brightly lit building in the foreground made possible to expose sky just right to make it dark blue. Sun was setting down. I quickly made several frames right before shadow from the other building consumed the scene. I discovered a bonus when I came home - somebody decided to look out of the window right when I started taking pictures.

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