Lens and camera for working professional portrait photographer

With all the new camera makers you would think somebody will try to make something new, like let's say 50-135/2.8 or even 50-150/4.0 in 35mm format. This easily can the last lens working portrait photographer will ever need.
I guess this is too much of a novel idea, so everybody keep making 24-70 and 70-200.

At the very least most of camera makers understood importance of face/eye recognition and make it better and better. I wanted it the moment mirror-less cameras with electronic viewfinder started to appear. It works reliably enough even on my ancient Panasonic GH2. I shot with it several 1000+ images sessions with many people in them without missing a single shot due to sharpness. I used face recognition for both full length portraits and for headshots in studio environment. Most definitely Canon 5Dm3 was the last camera I bought without this feature [working properly].

P.S. My favorite in MF Mamiya actually got it right long time ago with 105-210mm f/4.5 lens for medium format. 

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