Opera Singing

I am not great fun of classical music but I often listen to QWXR in a car because they have an excellent programming and there are no ads besides their donations drives. I usually switch to other station when they play opera singing. Well, that was before yesterday.

I was driving after workout all tired, sweaty, with some skin torn away from hand and finger (hook grip with barbell is not fun with my short fingers), frustrated that I was not able to do everything I planned.

Radio started to play opera and I was awestruck how beautiful it sounded. This was unexpected. I stopped car to write down name of performer (Renee Fleming) and I thought maybe it is just one voice that sounded just right to me. But radio continued with another singer and I liked it too.

How cool is that?

Waited for 9 minutes for traffic light to change on my way to gym. That's how much patience I have. Then I turned right and went for U-turn.

Format of QWXR programs reminds me about a radio show I used to listen when I was a teen back in Ukraine. It was called "Hot Kompot" (Goryachiy Kompot). They played musicals, rock music etc but also they told stories around music they play or explained what was going on in musicals. It is the same with QWXR. I especially loved when they did a very entertaining interview with a young harpist Phoebe Durand McDonnell from Bar Harbor, Maine just a week after we came back from Acadia.

Fall Colors. This one is important mainly because I saw nice colors through the window of the gym and acted without hesitation. This light comes and goes in matter of minutes and sometimes seconds. My struggle is that I usually think too much and lose images that are right in front of me.

I have a theory that brain develops in many [unexpected] ways when you practice any single specific skill. I joke that acquiring taste to espresso (it was a long road) made me hear music notes better. Maybe willingness to see and act on these two images above triggered something in my brain that made me receptive to opera. This or else, it was act of God :)

I had to listen to a lot of music to find this; I am fairly confident that performance that turned me on was appropriately "Dvorák: Rusalka, Op.114 / Act 1 - O Silver Moon"

WQXR Radio in NYC

Renee Fleming

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