Mapplethorpe: The Complete Flowers


I made myself a birthday present; it is another great and quite expensive photo book. This is kind of book you look at in white gloves. Quality of book and print in this one is simply amazing. Not surprises that my kids took an interest in it. I started thinking how to preserve the book so it lasts and I still make it available to everybody in the family. Naturally I got an idea to photograph pages so everybody can look at images on computer instead of in the book. "Unfortunatelly" it means taking picture of each other page! Mapplethorpe is too damn good Also it is not clear either it will be a copyright violation or not. I'd rather stay on the right side of law just as I expect from my customers etc.
I wish publishers figure out how to offer digital copies of books like this with images in high resolution (or at least better than thumbnail size one most likely to encounter on authors websites.

Book is still available on Amazon. This one is must have for any photography books collectors.

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