Flying kids

My way of working with cameras is pretty archaic. I shoot in Manual mode (but use electronic viewfinder to determine proper exposure), and I rarely use any of the million options modern cameras offer. But there is a particular type of shots that I consistently miss with mirrorless cameras. Sports and dance have a lot of fast movements. Delay in electronic viewfinders is just enough to miss a shot. I am not good enough to time and shoot right before the action. It is nice of Olympus to make a solution for this. ProCapture mode takes a series of images continuously in a loop when you press a shutter button half way and then continues to shoot non-stop after you press it all the way down as long as you hold it. In the end you get some images before, during and after action. Neat! It took me quite some time to figure out how it all works but results speak for itself. Even at slow settings camera shoots up to 18 frames per second. ProCapture eats SD card memory fast but you really catch all the action and everything in between.

Girls in the pictures just won a lot of awards in a national level dance competition Beyond the Stars.