Nevada with Wonderhussy, Part 1

I had a chance to go to an almost week long conference in Las Vegas. I planned to arrive early and spend a day or two sightseeing Nevada's desert. I also wanted to use this opportunity to shoot some nudes since I had a mini studio (hotel room) and there were plenty of models out there. In a search for insider information about Las Vegas I stumbled upon Wonderhussy's website. Sarah (Wonderhussy) offered a very unique service. For a reasonable fee she offered to drive photographers to several interesting locations outside Las Vegas and pose there nude. This was as perfect as it gets!

There was a heavy rain when I arrived to Las Vegas. I was told it is highly unusual to have rain at that time of year over there. Sarah picked me up in her truck and we went to our first location. Destination was some red rocks about 40 minutes away from the city. Rain became worse at times. We passed several places where usually completely dry stream beds where bursting with red muddy water overflowing highway. It did not look promising. Temperature was dropping fast. Wonderhussy was a real professional; neither rain nor cold stopped her. She said she never had a chance to shoot at those red rocks in a rain and she was up for a challenge.

Nature in Nevada is nothing like on East Coast. Very little dried out flora, sandy ground, sandy porous stones. It was shockingly unusual especially because I just returned from a trip to Vermont's mountains.

First location was all weird red rocks. We were hiding in cavities when it was raining too much. I was lucky to have a good telephoto lens so I could shoot from one cavity in rocks into the other side of rocks 20-50 meters away. It was fun. We spent a lot of time there moving from one place to another. There were some people around but they stayed out of our way. Sarah is truly a wonderful and most experienced model. She climbed rocks with grace to get to most interesting places. I did not have to give her much directions because she knew instantly what would work where. 

I came from those rocks with over thousand technically perfect photographs. It turned out to be a problem for me. After throwing out duplicates and obviously weak images I was still facing several hundred images to choose from. I needed to keep about dozen. The less the better. As result I sat on images from this session for a year and some before making potentially last selection.

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