Week 32: NYC Cityscape

Older daughter and my wife went to One Direction concert. I dropped them off at Metlife Stadium and had a choice to drive home (1 hour one way) or go wait somewhere nearby. On a whim I decided to show my other kids NYC cityscape during sunset. We drove to Hoboken Pier 1 and got there just in time for a great show of lights. Unfortunately we spent next 30 minutes trying to find parking and missed much of it. Sunset "show" was done by the time we got to pier.
It was getting quite dark but big groups of people kept coming to pier. Most of them had blankets and snack boxes. Something was going on. Turns out it was a movie night at the pier and they were showing original Cinderella cartoon from 1950. Kids had a blast watching it while running and jumping around on fresh air at night.
The best part that movie ended just in time to get back to pickup our One Direction fans.

NYC past sunset

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