Alien Nevada: Day 1.1

I went to AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas in October. I reserved one day to explore with camera in hand that turned into two days because conference did not live to my expectations. On first day I worked with a model who was kind enough to drive me to different locations [and pose nude there]. There was a 20 degree drop in temperature and medium to heavy rain for a whole day on the day I arrived. I was told it never happens this time of year. Well, till I arrived obviously. Weather stopped nobody. First we traveled to red stones place somewhere outside of Las Vegas. Nature in Nevada is a huge contrast to forests of Vermont and New Hampshire I visited recently. There are practically no trees and what little is growing is all pointy, sharp and dry. Rock formations are also completely different from what we saw in East. Red stone is easy to break and crush into sand. I imagine they all will be gone eventually.

Nevada is beautiful but also made me think two things - "alien landscape" and "scorched earth".

Rain gave us no break while we were on location, I was shooting while hiding in caves.

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