Casual BJJ photo session

One of my BJJ friends is working on a better gi. He asked to make some pictures for him. This was done very casual, no lighting, no any special setup. Gyms are quite dark, shooting there is always a challenge.

ArtExpo 2017

Had fun visiting ArtExpo in NYC for the first time. Hundreds of artists presented their work in painting, photography and sculpture there. Show was in the huge Pier 94 space. We spent at least four hours there but started feeling a sensory overload after about an hour because of the huge amount of work on display.

Below are some random thoughts about show.
- Show had a lot of international artists but it seems like there was disproportionately a lot of Russian speaking artists from all over the world. Same was true for visitors; at any moment of time you could hear someone nearby speaking Russian.
- Abstracts, landscapes, nudes, no matter how interesting, or colorful, or big did not gather crowds.
- Sure way to gather crowd around your booth is to make visitors interact with art, or perform some act that will make people stop to watch what is going on. More than one artist was making some new work right in the booth.
- Artists were chatty and I had pleasure talking to some of them.
- Landscape artists should probably find some new places to photograph. Images of Antelope canyon, Horseshoe bend, starry nights in a desert, long exposure waters were in every booth of landscape photographers. Becomes boring really fast.
- I do not get why anybody would want to create a painting that looks like a photograph. I understand it is a challenge to make it but why? If I ever be interested in painting it will be of depiction of things that cannot be photographed.


Another set of headshots at Smartling's office. This was done very fast; about 20 people were photographed in a little more than an hour and I had a small lunch in between. Usually I did these headshots with a blurred out office space in background. But since these headshots are going into linkedin profiles and press releases white background seemed to be a better choice.

As you can hopefully see Smartling is a happy place to work at!

Morning in NYC

On my way to office in NYC. Morning sun was blinding and shining straight along the street. Even after stepping into shadow I was able to see only contours. I am surprised that camera was able to capture pretty much all details. In fact I added contrast to make it feel more like I saw it!

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