Morning in NYC

On my way to office in NYC. Morning sun was blinding and shining straight along the street. Even after stepping into shadow I was able to see only contours. I am surprised that camera was able to capture pretty much all details. In fact I added contrast to make it feel more like I saw it!


"Photography these days is like food. People are so used to eat processed industrial food that they don't even remember what the real thing taste like."
- Frédéric Caunant (from facebook post)

Nevada with Wonderhussy, Part 3

Many years ago I went to a creative workshop with Bryan F. Peterson in Tampa, Fl. One of the classes was at the place where fire completely destroyed a house. There were four concrete walls, no roof, and just a little bit of garbage reminding about fire. It was not the place where I normally would look for a creative inspiration. A couple hours later I looked at that place as an endless source of interesting pictures. In a sense my life changed forever there because I started to see at many things differently.

Wonderhussy drove to our next location. It was a rusty left-over of a building next to an abandoned silver mine. Sarah said that it was probably her last session over there because building looked much worse than she remembered and it felt like it was about to break down completely.

I learned to see a beauty of places like this. Leave me there with camera and I will shoot there for days. I see a beauty of nudes and I saw plenty of great pictures of nudes taken in abandoned places. But it does not really compute with me. Ruins and nudes do not belong together. I prefer some alive place to photograph nudes in instead of ruins. On the other hand wise men say "you get what you get and you don't get upset". It is all about composition, light and shadows anyway, nudes or not.

Weather gave us an unexpected gift. Because Las Vegas is a sunny place I expected a lot of challenges with exposures and sharp shadows. I had plans how to use contrast light to make something interesting out of it. But thanks to heavy clouds all natural light had a very soft quality. You point camera anywhere and light just looked great. It made life much easier for me.

Most of the roof was still there; we were finally protected from the rain. But temperature dropped by a lot and it was getting cold. We had to work quickly.

Sarah showed some serious skills again by climbing on the roof naked to get a shot that she knew would look great. I do not know how she managed to avoid cutting herself by numerous sharp objects laying around over there. By the way building was standing right off the highway. Cars were passing by less than hundred meters away and could see what we were doing. I asked Sarah if it bothered her. She answered she did not care and she never had any issues. This was very different from East Coast. I once set up a camera on tripod on the edge of trees, far-far away from the edge of Garden State Parkway. My plan was to photograph some long exposure abstracts with cars passing by. Somebody reported me right away. I was caught by police within five minutes and went through very unpleasant conversation and more.

Sarah had a bunch of accessories. I did not care much about them but red shoes were hilariously out of place. We made some pictures with them.

In the end Sarah was covered in dirt and it was getting way too cold. We ended our shoot tired and happy for finishing a lot of great work.

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