Week 8

The Open, Crossfit Games 2016 has started. This is one of the biggest sporting events in history of humanity because several hundred thousands people across the world are competing in there.

Competitor is going through 16.01 while his spouse with her baby is watching at Crossfit Persist in Matawan, NJ.

Nevada Day 2.3

There was a hike into these mountains that ranger said can be done in a couple hours and you can get a view of Las Vegas panorama. Trail was not marked but there were some traces of other people walking there so I followed others steps. At some point I could not find any more clues where to go and there was no end to rocks around. I decided to make a shortcut that it seemed should had lead to panorama.

Nevada: Day 2.2

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is 13 miles scenic drive with a lot of places to stop, watch and hike. It is also one way loop. I arrived there early afternoon and was able to explore briefly only couple stops. More than half of the drive I finished at night.

This park looks absolutely alien to East coast person like me.

Long Branch beach in February

It was warm and windless day so we went to ocean while beaches are empty and parking spots are plenty. Light was subdued because of heavy clouds. Ocean smelled fresh and salty. Sky changed all the time and had very unusual colors.

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