Casual BJJ photo session

One of my BJJ friends is working on a better gi. He asked to make some pictures for him. This was done very casual, no lighting, no any special setup. Gyms are quite dark, shooting there is always a challenge.


Another set of headshots at Smartling's office. This was done very fast; about 20 people were photographed in a little more than an hour and I had a small lunch in between. Usually I did these headshots with a blurred out office space in background. But since these headshots are going into linkedin profiles and press releases white background seemed to be a better choice.

As you can hopefully see Smartling is a happy place to work at!

Morning in NYC

On my way to office in NYC. Morning sun was blinding and shining straight along the street. Even after stepping into shadow I was able to see only contours. I am surprised that camera was able to capture pretty much all details. In fact I added contrast to make it feel more like I saw it!


"Photography these days is like food. People are so used to eat processed industrial food that they don't even remember what the real thing taste like."
- Frédéric Caunant (from facebook post)

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